So who am I?

Hi. I'm michael. I live in England (and sometimes in Ireland) with my beautiful wife and son. We hang around together a lot. I am an obsessive photographer, painter and collector.  I drink too much coffee. I dream too much. I'm impulsive and stubborn.

I like… to be by the water, by the sea.  How it feels when I feel I am free. To travel . To break the rules when the rules should be broken. To challenge  unfairness. The chemical smell of the darkroom.  Things that make the hairs on my neck stand on end. Spontaneous acts of kindness.  Beachcombing.  Music that shakes me up or pierces my soul. Meaning in life and art.  Clear starry nights. The sound of the sea. Wild weather. Sunshine.  Old things that have a story to tell. Tranquility.  Space for thought. 

BUT mostly I love taking pictures and making art. Pictures to enjoy and to share. So that is me. Here on this site I have some pictures to share with you. 

I am a  photographic optimist. Beauty and interest is everywhere. Just that sometimes we don't see it. I hope you see it in my images. I have made some of these available for purchase.

Contact me and say hello.